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The Strategy

Acronym oversaw a large-scale migration from an earlier version of Brother’s CMS system to a modern enterprise platform.

Acronym coordinated with Brother’s development team to ensure a smooth deployment in accordance with SEO best practices, including redirects, navigation, structure, canonicalization and sitemap optimization. Results were seen within 60 days of implementation.

The Results


Increase in Average Position
Improvement in organic search visibility

5% Increase in CTR

Improvement in click volume

7% Increase in Impressions

Improvement in search results



By Case Studies

The Strategy

Prior to taking on the account Acronym identified critical issues within the allocations of funds based on channel and tactic. In addition, we identified products that were over-invested.

Shortly after onboarding JEGS, Acronym allocated significant budgets based on top-performing products, allocated more to Google Shopping, and implemented Smart Shopping Campaigns.

The Results In First 30 Days


Increase in Revenue

28% Decrease in Spend

30% Lift in Search Traffic



By Case Studies

The Strategy

Structured data provides information about a webpage and classifies its content to help search engines understand what exactly is there.

Acronym partnered with Schema App and Adobe Tag Manager to add code to thousands of SAP webpages at once. As a result, we were able to deploy structured data within this large enterprise website on a pilot basis, as well as its domains, including a community blog site. The results speak for themselves…

The Results


Dramatic increase in YoY click volume
Hockey Stick Growth

160% Increase in Impressions

The Power of Structured Data

75.6% Lift in Organic Traffic

The Power of Structured Data

four seasons

Four Seasons

By Case Studies

The Strategy

To drive truly impressive campaign results we needed to ensure that the experiences we marketed were unique themselves. Our targeted content centered around four unique experiences that were only available at the Four Seasons Florence.

Our integrated campaign consisted of unique and visually rich landing page experiences, custom videos, targeted emails, PR, Search, Display, Paid Social and even a Print brochure.

The Results


Increase in Assisted Bookings Revenue

56% YoY Lift in Revenue

Paid Search

20% YoY Lift in Bookings


screenshots of campaign