Data by itself is like a Ferrari without keys.

Analytics tools alone will not turn over the motor that turns prospects into customers.

Acronym Analytics is a consulting practice that helps people deploy and get maximum value out of their Analytics investments. Since 2006, we’ve been helping global brands implement, utilize, and optimize their digital analytics toolset.

Some of the ways we can help include:

  • Deployment – Whether you’re deploying a new tool, migrating your CMS, or refreshing an existing implementation, we can help document, configure, and provide quality assurance (QA) for a fast and successful launch.
  • Audits / Tune-Ups – So you already have Adobe Analytics or Google Analytics implemented, but don’t trust the data? Whoever originally set things up left the company years ago? Nothing is documented? Somehow this became your responsibility? Yeah, we can help with that.
  • Tool Selection – We’ll work with you to find the best mix of analytics, testing, and tag management tools for your organization and your budget.
  • Tag Management Consulting – More and more these days, we find few of our Clients have effective processes in place to handle their TMS and tag request process. We can help.
  • Data I/O – Some of the most exciting innovation in analytics today involves combining data from different systems. We help companies understand what’s possible, set up automatic processes, and integrate data between different systems.
  • User Support – Sometimes, you just need somebody to call. We are trusted partners to our Clients that help brands maximize their toolset. Need help understanding if you are pulling a report correctly? Wondering how to actually use the fancy new thing your vendor just released? Want help launching an Analytics Center of Excellence in your organization? We’re here for that.
  • Report Automation – Don’t waste your time manually compiling recurring reporting: let us help you design and deploy effective and automatic dashboards. We have extensive experience automating custom reports of any complexity using tools like Excel, Adobe Report Builder, SuperMetrics, Google Data Studio, Tableau, and PowerBI. You have better things to do than reporting!
  • Analytics Training & End-User Documentation – We offer customized training & training materials for Adobe Analytics, Google Analytics and tag managers. Each training engagement is custom designed for your organization, using your actual data and business questions. In person and virtual training available, as well as webinar modules and ongoing training programs for enterprises.
  • Deep Dive Analysis – You’ve got questions and your data’s got answers. Sometimes, though, you don’t always have time to dig in and find those answers. Acronym’s specialized Analysis team can assist with in-depth analyses of your web data, to help you get a deeper understanding of your digital marketing campaign effectiveness, purchase funnel abandonment and opportunities, persona development, product merchandising, and onsite search performance. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure that the final deliverable is tailor-made to what you need to make an impact in your organization.

Acronym brings a decade of experience to every Client. We uncover potential gaps in your tracking, identify additional activities worth measuring, and gain an understanding of how effective your website is overall at converting your visitors into customers.

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