Our experience, technology and independence drives your success.

We have the agility to move at the speed of technology, turning insights into action and action into results.


As the longest established Search agency, we connect the dots between data, technology, and marketing to lower your cost of acquisition, better engage with your customers and achieve your business goals.

With offices in New York City, Toronto, London, Berlin and Singapore, we have the global reach to service clients of all sizes all over the world.

“This agency was tackling search before Google even existed.”

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anton koniff

Acronym was founded more than two decades ago based on an obsession with helping companies connect with customers online. We’ve evolved with technology to offer a suite of search and performance marketing solutions that drive bottom-line success for all of our Clients.

Anton Konikoff
Founder & Chairman



A strong team stems from trustworthy and ambitious leadership. That’s the glue that holds everything together and provides the motivation and encouragement to achieve team goals.

Anton Konikoff
  • 25 years with Acronym
  • 31 years of search and digital marketing experience
Anton Konikoff

Founder & Chairman

Dave Rollo
  • 2 years with Acronym
  • 25+ years of integrated digital leadership
  • Deep and diverse background leading Agencies, Clients and Start-Ups
  • “Dreams are what keep me going.”
Dave Rollo


Mike Grehan
  • 9 years with Acronym
  • 25 years experience in SEO
  • 40 years of experience in Media & Marketing
  • “All you need is love.”
Mike Grehan

CMO & Managing Director

  • 25 years with Acronym
  • 25+ years experience in Finance
  • “Play fairly, and also treat people the way you would want to be treated. “
Michael Walker

Sr. EVP of Finance & Administration

Irwin Drucker
  • 3 years with Acronym
  • 22 years of diversity and inclusion experience
  • “Life is good.”
Irwin Drucker

Chief People and Diversity Officer

  • 14+ years with Acronym
  • 20 years of Digital Marketing, 4 years in Display, 2 years in PPC and 20+ years in Client Services
  • 3+ years in Healthcare Marketing, 7 years in Healthcare Digital, and 13+ years in IT Consulting experience
  • “Mutual trust is the foundation of all successful relationships between agencies and their clients.”
Kristen Gonzalez

EVP, Agency Operations

Stephanie Hart
  • 17 years with Acronym
  • 24 years of digital client services experience, including SEO, paid media, affiliate marketing, email marketing) plus several years of offline brand marketing
  • “Anyone who has never made a mistake has never tried anything new.”
Stephanie Hart

EVP & General Manager, Digital Analytics

Farah Sadiq
  • 15 years with Acronym
  • 26 years of Digital Marketing, including 15 years in Paid and Organic Search, 5 years in Paid Social and 8 years in Display expertise
  • 10 years of Asia marketing and EMEA expertise, 11 years of Hospitality industry expertise, and 10 years of B2B and B2C category experience
  • “Challenge yourself every day to think better, do better and be better. Growth starts with a decision to move beyond your present circumstances.”
Farah Sadiq

EVP & General Manager, International

John Peter Spear
  • 11 years with Acronym
  • 15 years of experience building and delivering technoogy solutions
  • “It is better to illuminate than merely to shine.” –St. Thomas Aquinas
John Peter Spear

EVP, Product Development

Rebecca Kaplan
  • 11 years with Acronym
  • 13 years Digital Marketing expertise
  • 12 years Hospitality and Luxury Product expertience
Rebecca Kaplan

EVP, Client Success

jennifer jones mitchell
  • Less than 1 year with Acronym
  • 25 years of marketing communications and social media marketing experience
  • “Every brand has a story to tell. It’s how you tell the story that makes the difference.”
Jennifer Jones-Mitchell

SVP, Marketing Communications

greg manias
  • 6 years with Acronym
  • 12 years of Paid Media expertise
  • 10 years of Commerce experience
Gregg Manias

 EVP, Performance Media

winston burton
  • 7 years with Acronym
  • 16 years of organic search experience and 5 years of paid search experience
  • “Knowledge speaks but wisdom listens.”
Winston Burton


norma berry
  • 3 years with Acronym
  • 15 years of digital marketing experience, including 12 years of revenue management
  • “Hope is not a strategy. You must have a plan to accomplish your goals.”
Norma Berry

VP, Travel

Ryan Pitcheralle
  • 10 years with Acronym
  • 15 years of organic search experience, including 11 years of B2B and Ecommerce expertise
  • “The most important person in the room is the one with the farthest vision.”
Ryan Pitcheralle

VP, Content Strategy, DCOE Lead

pearlyn kua
  • 9 years with Acronym
  • 15 years of paid and organic search marketing experience
  • “Part of meeting customers’ needs includes active listening.”
Pearlyn Kua

GM, Acronym Asia

  • Less than 1 year Acronym
  • 13 years of digital marketing experience
  • “You never fail until you stop trying” – Albert Einstein
Joanna Cohen

VP, Integrated Media

Maureen Anderson
  • 15 years with Acronym
  • 15 years of paid and organic search marketing experience
  • “Keep calm and carry on.”
Maureen Anderson

VP, Client Services

philip lawrence
  • 10 years with Acronym
  • 12 years of agency-based Analytics expertise
  • “I own and developed Omnibug, one of the most popular Analytics & Marketing Technologies browser debugging extensions”
Phillip Lawrence

VP, Analytics

  • 10 years with Acronym
  • 24 years of IT and digital marketing experience
  • “Technology is best when it brings people together.”
Hunter Pine

VP, Information Technology

peter semetis
  • 10 years with Acronym
  • 14 years of performance media and 11 years of paid media experience.
  • “Teach others.”
Peter Semetis

VP, Performance Media

Janelle Olmer
  • 6 years with Acronym
  • 8 years of analytics solutions expertise
  • 9 years of hospitality, 6 years of eCommerce/Retail industry experience
Janelle Olmer

VP, Analytics Strategy

  • Less than 1 year with Acronym
  • 18 years of Human Resources expertise
  • “Be the leader you would follow.”
Sara Gould

VP, Human Resources

  • 7 years with Acronym
  • 16 years Digital Marketing expertise and 4 years PR
  • 20+ years Technology and Hospitality/Travel experience
Ulrich Franke

Managing Director, Europe GmbH

Our employees are our greatest asset. State-of-the-art tech and proprietary data are useless without the human beings who make our track-record of excellence possible. We pride ourselves on the diverse backgrounds of our employees, which allows us to understand our Client’s needs, in every language, and find the shortest path to their users. Led by some of the most experienced search marketers on the planet, including Mike Grehan who is the Chairman of the world’s largest search marketing association, SEMPO.

Our commitment to our Clients, employees and community.

For a company of our size, we have an extremely robust Corporate Social Responsibility program headed by Irwin Drucker, who maintains and co-ordinates our CSR pillars.


At Acronym, we strive to form strong and lasting bonds with the communities we serve. This includes partnering with diversity-owned businesses and vendors as part of our corporate procurement process.


At Acronym, we believe diversity in experience and background leads to greater business results. We are committed to a corporate culture of inclusion and equality that celebrates individual authenticity.


Acronym is committed to positively impacting our world. We seek product and business innovations that use fewer natural resources and promote the wellbeing of the communities we serve, and society as a whole.


Acronym is passionate about giving our time, money and skills to combat a variety of issues and needs. This is a part of our culture and the agency is committed to supporting corporate and employee giving programs.

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Acronym is proud to be an NGLCC-certified LGBTBE.