As digital advertising continues to become more complicated and marketers seek new ways to integrate SEO, PPC, and UX, along with emerging social channels, changing regulations, and growing tactics like automation and personalization, we want to share the top trends for 2022 that will help brands expand their reach and awareness while driving revenue.

Although augmented reality and virtual reality have been utilized by marketers for more than a decade, we will see an increase in the creative use of these technologies and – more importantly – in the adoption of these tools by consumers thanks to 5G.

source: eMarketer

The metaverse will not only provide a new virtual realm in which customers can engage with brands, it will also deliver a new set of metrics for marketers, including how long virtual objects are held in view and where users are looking when experiencing an ad. These insights can help shape new, and more meaningful, customer experiences in the very near future.

If the past twenty years have taught us anything about consumers in the digital space, it’s that they want rich, immersive experiences.

Soon, static images and, even videos, will seem as quaint as a fax is today. The metaverse will deliver fully interactive 3D and even 4D experiences that enable customers to engage with brands in a new, personalized way.

In fact, the entire customer journey will soon take place in the metaverse. According to AdWeek, “The metaverse enables brands and consumers to co-create content in ways that we haven’t even discovered yet.”

In other words, user generated content will become more immersive and will, in many ways, become a two-way conversation or co-creation between the customer and the brand. Instead of watching an ad that features a favorite personality, customers will experience a hologram of that personality and can engage directly with him or her. Instead of buying clothes online and returning them because the fit isn’t right, consumers can “wear” the clothes in a 3D virtual setting in a try-before-you-buy manner.

As with any emerging trend or channel, the brands that get there first will win. If you aren’t already exploring how these virtual worlds will transform your brand’s customer relationships, you are falling behind. Reach out to us for ideas on how to leverage the metaverse today for a more profitable tomorrow.