Google introduces new features to optimize digital marketing campaigns with Performance Max, including brand exclusions and better reporting.

  • The new features include campaign-level brand exclusions, page feeds, and easier video creation.
  • Additionally, new reporting and insights enable advertisers to see conversions, conversion value, cost, and other metrics at the asset group level.

Our experts explain the impact each soon-to-be-available feature has for advertisers.

Campaign-level brand exclusionsImpact: Will provide more control for advertisers with being able to prevent PMax campaigns from appearing in Search and Shopping inventory for specific branded queries.
Additional ReportingImpact: Advertisers will have ability to view conversions, conversion value, cost and other metrics at the asset group level. Budget pacing insights will be available with current and forecasted conversion performance.
Page FeedsImpact: When using Final URL Expansion, we will be able to upload a feed of page URLs to identify as important URLs to reference. When NOT using Final URL Expansion, matching will be restricted to just these URLs. 
Video CreationImpact: A simplified process to creating videos within the actual setup and simplifying video workflows of PMax campaigns. Video creation tool was previously only available in the asset library.

Acronym’s Recommendations on Google’s New PMAX Features:

PMax Campaign Types and automated technology are the future of advertising on Google. Objections from advertisers / agencies have centered around lack of visibility and control, so we are glad to see Google offering new products which advance those capabilities. Video Creation appears to be available now, but there is no official word on the roll-out timing of the other features. 

Campaign-level Brand Exclusions:

  • While we found a loophole for this in the past, we strongly recommend using this feature to minimize serving on competitive brand queries.
  • Allow your branded traffic to flow to your Search campaigns and utilize PMax for non-branded queries, while the AI finds and serves users across the platforms it covers.

Additional Reporting:

  • At last! Although optimization levers are limited, visibility into performance at the asset group level will help advertisers strategize and focus creative efforts on the inputs driving results. We hope this is the first step to more granular reporting to come.
  • We recommend budget forecasts to understand the PMax opportunity.

Page Feeds:

  • We believe this will help advertisers as it allows more control over where traffic is directed on your sites. Some marketers may have already performed valuable on-site CRO and know which pages work best  in driving traffic.
  • The ability to restrict matching to specific pages will be helpful to advertisers who share a website across varying locations, etc..

Video Creation:

  • We don’t recommend using Google’s video creation. We strongly suggest all clients have well designed and meaningful video content for users across all aspects of the conversion funnel.

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