AcroBabble – Going (Creatively) Digital – June 4, 2015

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Going (Creatively) Digital


Pizza Hut Explores The Dangers Of Selfie Stick Abuse 

Pizza Hut has concocted a fake PSA alerting people to the dangers of Selfie Stick Abuse, reports Adweek. The new campaign’s hilarious video depicts everything from room-wrecking 20-foot Narcissticks (our term) to a man being struck by lightening while photographing himself. The first mention of Pizza Hut comes just over a minute into the 2:30 video, as a deliveryman contemplates dropping off the company’s two-foot-long pies to a roomful of Selfie-crazed partiers. The spot was created by agency Shareability.

Twitter Releases Objective-Based Campaigns From Beta 

Twitter blamed part of its first-quarter loss of $162 million on underperformance by its newest direct-response products. Now the company has released from Beta testing its Objective-Based Campaigns, according to Marketing Land. Advertisers can choose six objectives: tweet engagements, website clicks or conversions, app installs or engagement, followers, leads and video views. The options are available to all advertisers globally, including managed accounts that previously had been shut out. 

How-To Videos On YouTube Soaring Year Over Year 

Largely the byproduct of increased smartphone usage, searches on Google for how-to videos are up 70% year over year, Content Standard explains. So far this year, North Americans have consumed more than 100 million hours of how-to content. Helping to feed this appetite are companies like Gillette, which has posted dozens of YouTube videos explaining to men…wait for it…yes, how to shave. According to Google, one-third of Millennials reported purchasing a product as a result of a how-to video.

KFC Fires Up The Chicken Wars In Battle With Chic-fil-A 

KFC is hoping more diners come to roost at the chain’s outlets after viewing none other than founder “Colonel” Harland Sanders (actually, Darrell Hammond) in what The Washington Post calls “a handful of increasingly odd web, broadcast, social media and in-store experiences.” What could be odd about fried chicken plumped by a back-from-the-grave spokesman? Colonel Hammond declaring “I’m back, America.” Referring to cargo pants that did not exist in his era: “You seen these pants? That’s too many pockets.” 

IOT Means Johnnie Walker Bottle Knows When You’ve Been Drinking 

CIO does a deep dive on Diageo’s move to equip Johnnie Walker Blue Label whiskey bottles with sensors that can detect when the bottle has been opened. The idea is not to send promotional messages—via tags and smartphones—on which bottle to buy after the initial opening but to tell the consumer how to best enjoy the product. And to amass a ton of data about Diageo’s customers and its supply chain participants that the tech-savvy spirits marketer doesn’t already know. The company tasked a company called EVRYTHNG to help Diageo build a strategic technology platform called +More that runs on EVRYTHNG’s engine.

GM Extends Successful ‘That’s A Buick?’ Campaign After Sales Lift 

Gratified by an 11.4% sales lift in 2014, General Motors is extending and broadening its “That’s A Buick?” marketing campaign, reports WardsAuto. By targeting people who thought they knew Buick’s product line but might not actually recognize one, GM and its agency Leo Burnett focused on a fresh lineup of premium vehicles. Fully 80% of Buick vehicles (some 500,000 units) are no longer being built. Going forward, the campaign will transition messaging to key vehicle features.