AcroBabble – Going (Creatively) Digital – July 2, 2015

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Going (Creatively) Digital


Pinterest And Vice Lend Bank Of America Millennial Currency

One of the more unusual stories to emerge from this year’s Cannes confab is the deal pairing Bank of America, Pinterest and Vice aimed at targeting millennials with financial information, ADWEEK reports. The deal itself wasn’t news, but Pinterest’s role became clearer: how it can reach the intended audience in ways that other media vehicles cannot. In what may have been the biggest understatement at the International Festival of Creativity, BOA’s Meredith Verdone, global chief strategy and marketing officer, opined that the trio’s partnership is “a little bit of strange bedfellows.”


Amazon Treasure Truck Rolls Through Seattle Delivering Stuff

If you can’t employ delivery drones just now, a Treasure Truck will do. At least that’s what Amazon is hoping as it rolls out a new way to satisfy consumers’ desire for instant gratification. Want a discount paddle board or porterhouse steak? Order it online via the company’s mobile app—which displays the new program’s daily offerings—and go to where the Treasure Truck is parked to claim your merchandise, Bloomberg explains. Think of it as a combination of flash sales and rolling storefronts—but for now only in Seattle, Amazon’s HQ locale.



Jeff Goldblum ‘Infomercial’ Illuminates GE’s Smart Bulb Launch

It may not be a breakthrough on the scale of the original Jurassic Park movie, but putting Jeff Goldblum in an over-the-top mock infomercial for GE’s Link smart light bulb cleared the shelves of the Wi-Fi-controllable item at following its debut, according to Fast Company. It’s a creation of BBDO and the comedy duo of Tim & Eric—they of Absolute and Old Spice advertising lore. Goldblum portrays rich and self-absorbed guy Terry Quattro as he explains to commoners how to remedy their horribly lit, unsuccessful, non-celebrity lives.


Iams Goes To The Dogs With Heartwarming Dog Food Pitch

Conventional wisdom has it that if you can’t use a baby in an advertising campaign, try a dog. Particularly if you’re selling dog food. This is the rationale behind the new Iams effort that focuses on the emotional connection between dog owners and their pets, courtesy of DDB New York, MarketingDaily reports. The campaign includes a 75-second film, titled “Duck,” which is the name of the dog in the video who stars in the heartwarming story of exactly how he got his unusual moniker. Pooch-lovers alert: sample it here.


C-Suite Moves

Mickey McClay Wilson to WideOrbit as Chief Marketing Officer, from Walmart Global eCommerce, where she was VP.

Judith Sims, Chief Marketing Officer of Oracle, joins the board of directors of Fortinet.

Mitchell Caplan to IBT Media as Chief Marketing Officer, from Olson, where he was CMO.

Norman de Greve to CVS Health as Chief Marketing Officer effective July 15, from DigitasLBi, where he is President of the Boston and Detroit offices.

Dennis Groh, Chief Marketing Officer Engineering Services Network, joins the board of directors of the Independent Telecommunications Pioneer Association.

Julie Bernard to Verve Mobile as Chief Marketing Officer, from Macy’s, where she was VP, Customer Strategy, Data Science and Loyalty.

Justin Lambeth to Corner Bakery Café as Chief Marketing Officer, from PepsiCo, where he was CMO of the company’s Quaker Division.