Watch: Marketing Your Retail Business During Economic Uncertainty

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What do retailers in hardware, jewelry, and eye care have in common? On the surface, not too much. However, when COVID-19 hit, closing brick and mortar locations, business came to a screeching halt. This was a wakeup call for all retailers that had not prioritized creating an online presence to serve their customers.

Retailers across industries are facing many of the same challenges marketing their business during economic uncertainty. Now is the time to hit reset. The retailers that are and will be the most successful are transforming their traditional business models and leveraging digital practices to focus on brand and message, eCommerce, driving web traffic and embracing new technology to serve their customers.

In partnership with Reed Exhibition and MadConNYC, Mike Grehan, CMO and Managing Director at Acronym, led a candid discussion with experts across these three industries.
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Please welcome Dan Tratensek of North American Retail Hardware Association and representing the National Hardware Show, Trudi Charest of 4ECPS and representing Vision Expo and Sherry Smith of Edge Retail Academy and representing Jewelers International Showcase and Luxury JCK Events.


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