TikTok is launching a new feature to facilitate brand/creator collaborations and create more immersive and engaging campaigns.

The addition to the platform’s Effects House AR creation tool will offer businesses a fresh way to connect with the TikTok audience. The new collaboration option will provide companies with access to augmented reality (AR) effects, which can drive significant engagement in the app.

Branded Effects are sponsored, highly customized effects with branded elements and feature calls-to-action and custom audience targeting to fit a brand’s specific campaign needs.

The new feature will enable brands to work with top effect creators, who are already creating highly popular effects on TikTok’s Effect House platform. Effect House is an AR effects creation platform, similar to Snapchat’s Lens Studio and Meta’s Spark AR platform, that enables users to build their custom AR effects. With a range of templates and tools to simplify the process, the platform provides a means to construct new experiences in the app.

TikTok is looking to provide these creators with a way to monetize their work, which will help the platform better ingratiate itself with the AR creator community while facilitating new options for branded content in the app.

AR is set to become a more significant consideration with the eventual arrival of AR glasses that will overlay digital effects onto real-world views. Even now, AR effects are becoming increasingly popular, with 72% of Snapchat users engaging with AR elements every day. Many of these activations end up going viral, as users share effects that contort and transform how they look on-screen.

For brands, this could be a way to make a big splash in the app. Although it won’t necessarily come cheap, it could be a valuable consideration for the right collaboration and campaign. TikTok says brands can talk to their TikTok account representative to book a Branded Effect campaign, while AR creators can fill out the interest form to register for the new program.

TikTok’s new feature offers brands a fresh and exciting way to reach the platform’s vast audience through immersive and engaging AR effects. With AR set to become a more significant consideration in the future, it makes sense for businesses to start exploring this space and tapping into the opportunities it offers.

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