Live Off 65 -Meet Jim Sterne

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Don’t have time to watch the video? No worries, the transcript can be found by clicking the link below for your convenience.

So, it turns out, not everyone can be in New York city when I need them to be. So I have to leave my eyrie on the 65th floor and go to them. Well, truth be known, on this occasion I was invited to go and speak at the recent eMetrics summit in Boston.

Jim Sterne is founder of the conference series which started way back in 2002 at the elegant Biltmore Hotel in Santa Barbara (which, conveniently, is where Jim also happens to live). The following year, 2003, is when Jim cordially invited me to speak, and I’ve been kind of regular ever since. And it goes without saying, as the theme of LO65 evolves with each intro starting with something like, “we’ve known each other for a very long time,” that yes, Jim is very close friend of mine.

So, we sat down for what is the first Live On off 65 and chatted about how the conference started, what’s changed in the industry, and everything in between. Just want to genuinely add here, that when I refer to Jim as one of the industry’s true pioneers, I mean it sincerely. His “Sterne Measures” newsletter absolutely was one of the first of its kind (maybe Ralph Wilson and Larry Chase around the same time). He’s also the author of ten books on internet marketing and one of the early supporters and members of what is now the Digital Analytics Association.

You have to admit, that’s some track record!

Don’t have time to watch the video? You can read the transcript here.