Shifting Demographic Realities and New Customer Needs Drive Greater Demand for Supplier Diversity.

Most companies want to diversify their vendors and suppliers, but they don’t know where to begin. Acronym’s Chief Diversity and People Officer, Irwin Drucker, has decades of experience developing and executing Supplier Diversity and Corporate Social Responsibility programs.

The descriptions that define a Diversity Supplier are changing as other categories of people who are economically disadvantaged are now being included.

And, as more data has been collected over the years, the benefits of supplier diversity – including increased revenue, increased level of innovation and broader though at the leadership level.

With all this in mind, Acronym has created a Guide to Diverse Supplier Selection.

From resources/directories and Certification explanations to checklists and questions to ask, this free guidebook has everything you need to define, develop, and execute your supplier diversity program.

Key learnings:

√ What is supplier diversity and why does it matter?

√ How do you find and qualify diverse suppliers and vendors?

√ How do you select the right diverse supplier for your business?

√ What is the business value and impact of Supplier Diversity Programs?

Download the Guidebook today and let us know if we can help you as you build out your own supplier diversity program.

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