A group of consumers known as “Zennials” are gaining attention from marketers as a distinct generation with unique consumer habits. Born between 1995 and 2005, they are neither millennials nor Gen Z, and are estimated to number between 40 and 48 million in the US.

New research shared by Digiday reveals new insights into the mind and behaviors of this demographic:

Loyalty. Zennials are less likely to switch brands compared to millennials, and show more loyalty. They are 16% less likely to switch beverage or personal care brands and 24% less likely to switch pet-related brands.

Living IRL. While they embrace digital technology, they also value in-person and analog experiences. In fact, 10% of them are more likely to be regularly using mobile apps and 10% are less likely to be using social media than their millennial counterparts.

Entertainment. They spend more time playing video games than posting in social. In fact, they play video games 77% more than reported by millennials. Zennials also listen to more AM/FM radio 29% more than Millennials.

Money-Minded. They are interested in saving for long-term goals like starting their own businesses and buying homes.

Authenticity. Zennials prefer authentic and relatable influencer content over polished and curated material. In fact, they are suspicious of highly produced content and prefer Live, unscripted moments.

Socially Conscious. This demographic gravitates toward people and brands they deem to be socially-conscious” and supportive of

Less Price Sensitive. There are indications that Zennials are willing to pay more for products and services that are “perceived as high-quality” and they research product reviews before buying.

Savers. After having witnessed multiple recessions, housing and tech bubbles burst, and the impact of a global pandemic, it’s no surprise that Zennials are savers. They seem to be more interested in saving for long-term goals like starting their own business (they’re 64% more likely to do this than other groups) and thinking about retirement and other investments. One in four Zennials said they were saving up to buy a car, while one in three said they were saving up to buy a house.

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