Design Matters

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Design and technology are inevitably linked. Yes, designers are taught typography, grid systems, color theories, and other fundamental design principles and concepts. At the end of the day, great design comes down to critical thinking and making use of eminent technology. There are so many choices available to consumers in our ever- changing digital market place. Companies must ensure their products and services are meaningful and relevant. Companies must begin to understand that it’s not just good content but exquisite design that matters just as much, especially design that optimizes the perception and experience to all media a consumer is using and engaged in.

290-x-175_Design-Matters_WEB-1One of the biggest misconceptions made by businesses is that design should be an afterthought because it doesn’t effect the bottom line. This is an extremely backwards and flawed way of thinking. In reality, the exact opposite is true.

It takes a consumer 1/20th of a second to decide if they like the design of a site or not.

The number one indicator of credibility is good graphic design, according to a study by Stanford University.

Visual Appeal Trumps Usability in influencing User Perception

First impressions are everything. We know this to be true because of priming, which is the activation of specific memories that influence subsequent behaviors. Therefore, the first impression influences every subsequent interaction. This is why a well designed web site PRIMES people to have positive interactions with your brand moving forward.

Design unlocks better businesses, better thinking, better insights, better services, better advertising, better publishing, better content. And all of this leads to better customer experiences. This is how companies like Apple, Samsung, and NIKE have built their wealth. It’s through design-led thinking.

So by incorporating the principles of design strategy and process into a business model, companies can successfully compete on a global stage and build their bottom lines.

So design truly does matter, more so now than ever before. With consumers being bombarded with content, advertising, and marketing materials every second, the best design will take precedence and capture more consumers even over great content.

JaimeNashHS2Jaime Nash
Art Director