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Going (Creatively) Digital


Marketers Need To Think Fast When Delivering Snapchat Video Ads

Can digital video ads be effective if consumers view them for just three seconds? This is what some advertisers are wondering, according to a Digiday story that describes one marketer’s experience with Snapchat. In that example, an unidentified brand said that approximately 70% of Snapchat users hit the “skip” button less than three seconds into the brand’s video ad. Snapchat charges for any views of its 10-second spots. Other marketers quoted in the story gave Snapchat ads high marks, including one who said the average view time on its ads was four seconds, with a completion rate of 34 percent.


Latest Apple iOS Will Give Publishers Native Advertising Agita

Every week seems to provide another installment in the continuing evolution of ad blocking technology. ADWEEK reports that Apple’s iOS 9 will enable app developers to create apps that block not only banner and display ads on websites, but native advertising (aka “sponsored content”) as well. This is not good news for publishers, which have taken steps to capitalize on buying content that blends in with the editorial environment of various web publishers, including The Atlantic, BuzzFeed and Forbes. Hearst’s sponsored articles are posted by way of the same CMS software editors and writers use, meaning that ad blockers do not detect the content as an ad, according to ADWEEK.


New Delivery Tactic Another Reason To Thank Heaven For 7-Eleven

The era of instant gratification just keeps on giving, with 7-Eleven the latest company to jump on the quick delivery bandwagon. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, the convenience retailer is partnering with on-demand delivery platform DoorDash to allow consumers in five major markets—including Boston and New York—to satisfy their growing demand for burritos and Big Gulps they can order from smartphones and other mobile devices. Customers can visit DoorDash’s mobile app or site to place orders and have them delivered within an average timeframe of 45 minutes.


Read This Column Before Attempting To Newsjack A Hashtag

So you want to newsjack viral hashtags like #IceBucketChallenge to gain brand awareness and engagement. While lots can go wrong, the upside is considerable, writes Lisa Lacy in Momentology, citing the example of women in the technology workforce. When a female engineer at OneLogin Tweeted the hashtag #ILookLikeAnEngineer and the response generated 91,000 mentions in one week—including from the likes of Fujitsu, GE, GlaxoSmithkline and Tesla. While some newsjacking has led to corporate misery, as when DiGiorno Pizza responded to the serious #WhyIStayed hashtag (think Ray Rice punching his fiancée) with a joke about pizza, Momentology says the keys to success are as follows: Relevance + Genuine Sentiment + Hot (Possibly Cause-Based) Topic.


C-Suite Moves

Betty Su to Graduate Management Admission Council as Chief Marketing Officer, from the U.S. Postal Service, where she was Executive Director, Brand Marketing.

Blaine Mathieu to GoodData as Chief Marketing Officer, from Selectica, where he was President and CEO.


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