AcroBabble – Going (Creatively) Digital – October 8, 2015

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Going (Creatively) Digital


Google Cites Brands Whose Mobile Tactics Move The Needle

Looking for case studies in effective mobile marketing tactics? Google has a list for you.

ADWEEK cites four examples from that list of brand marketers whose mobile tactics are moving the sales needle: Red Roof Inn, with a campaign aimed at snagging travelers stranded by canceled flights; Home Depot, creator of the wildly popular DIY House Call how-two videos on YouTube; Walmart, which boosted conversions by cutting the load time of its mobile site from 7.2 seconds to 2.9; and, whose YouTube campaign featuring actress Elizabeth Banks walks first-time home buyers through the steps involved in acquiring their abodes.


Pinterest Opens Doors To More Than 5,000 Third-Party Apps

Having given select developers access to its API, Pinterest has opened its doors to any and all third-party app developers who want to integrate with the social bookmarking network. According to MarketingLand, more than 5,000 such apps have already been submitted to Pinterest for review and, hopefully, approval. They include apps for recipe recommendation, travel planning, gift registry integrations and publisher integrations. Until this latest move, fashion retailer Polyvore, Internet automation service IFTTT and most recently women’s apparel provider Topshop had access to Pinterest’s API.


Facebook Goes Retro In Its Efforts To Sell Video Like TV Ads

If you’re a bandit, the place to go is a bank, per Willie Sutton. If you’re a social media giant, the money is in television—at least this is what Facebook is hoping with its new Target Rating Point approach. BusinessInsider broke the news in July that Facebook “had caved to advertisers” to let them buy the social network’s video ads the way they used to in the 1950’s: Gross Rating Points. The publication cited Mediavest as one agency that prefers to be able to buy digital ads in somewhat the same way they buy TV, while others want digital to keep its own metrics. It’s obvious that Facebook has reached the conclusion that catering to big media buyers will help it to unlock some of the vast TV budgets that brand marketers rely upon in conjunction with newer media options.


Snapchat Offers Brands Face Time In User Selfies

Snapchat’s quest for increased revenue now includes a way for brand marketers to insert themselves into user selfies. It’s called sponsored lenses and it debuts on or about Halloween, FORTUNE reports. This isn’t Snapchat’s first try at letting companies sponsor features involving its users’ content. In June, Snapchat started working with marketers on custom geo-filters, which are stickers users can add to their photos and videos when they’re at a specific location. McDonalds, the first such marketer, sponsored stickers like a double cheeseburger or a bag of French fries. 


C-Suite Moves 

Morag Lucey to Avaya as Chief Marketing Officer, from VirtualCMO Limited, where she was Chief Executive Officer.

Mark Goines to Chief Marketing Officer at Personal Capital, where he has been a seed investor, advisor and most recently Chief Strategy Officer.

Tim Kutz to Echo Global Logistics as Chief Information Officer, from Unisource, where he held roles in strategy, marketing and information technology. 

Tom Bollich to The Fresh Diet as Chief Information Officer. He was a founding member and studio Chief Technology Officer for Zynga.