How Many People Watch Netflix? Nielsen Tries to Solve a Mystery 

Nielsen is using audio recognition software to determine how many US viewers actually watch shows on Netflix – and it says it has streaming data for the first time ever.


Pinterest Opens up Search Advertising in its Ads Manager 

Pinterest is letting advertisers target consumers searching for specific products, so it can serve ads when said customers have indicated intent on the platform.


Twitter Introduces New Video Ad Unit for Increasing Website Visits 

Twitter’s Video Website Card allows advertisers to use auto-play videos to encourage viewers to visit their sites and apps afterward.


Svedka Vodka Uses Retargeting to Make Creepy Halloween Ads That Follow You Around

Spirits brand Svedka Vodka and ad agency Bensimon Byrne have created a campaign that uses data about consumers who watch Halloween videos to turn banner ads into spooky stalkers.


Bayern Munich’s AR Push Starts From Its App 

Thanks to a new AR feature, the app from German football team Bayern Munich enables fans to include players in their selfies – and dress the players for the occasion.


Echo and Home Will Probably Have to Tell You They’re Always Listening – In Europe 

Google, Amazon and other companies with voice assistants that collect personal information from consumers will likely have to obtain explicit opt-ins for European users as GDPR looms in May 2018.