By Mike Grehan


This week, someone whom I’m very proud to call a longtime friend, stepped down from his company and its various publications and events. Not usually a big deal when someone is looking for new opportunities, or maybe wants to change their career entirely and do something different. You hear about that a lot.

However, this is Danny Sullivan, one of the most renowned and authoritative voices in the search marketing industry. With a geeky one page website hosting, probably, the first Webmaster’s Guide to Search Engines ever published, he helped to launch an industry. And from a small event in 1999 dedicated to bringing together like-minded people with an interest in world wide web search engines, that grew to be the largest search marketing event on the planet, he did it all.

There are many (perhaps hundreds) of conference speakers and industry writers and commentators that have enjoyed long-term friendships with Danny. In fact, many of them got their first speaking or writing gigs courtesy of the ever-approachable Danny.

I could fill up this page (and more) covering his achievements and accolades in the industry. However, here’s a much better idea. A while back Danny whooshed up to the 65th floor of the Empire State Building to visit the Acronym team, and join me for a video feature called Live on 65.

So, you can hear Danny himself talk about how he got started in the industry, how he watched it grow, and where he saw it going.

Personally, I want to thank Danny, bottom of the heart style, for the support and friendship he’s shown me during the entire time we’ve known each other. I don’t doubt for one second that this is not the last we’ve seen of Danny in the search industry. But for now, as he takes a break and recharges his batteries, I want to wish him the best of luck in whatever it is he decides to do next.

That also comes from Acronym founder, Anton Konikoff, another longtime friend of Danny’s, and the entire Acronym team. All the best, Danny. You and family are always welcome in the Empire State Building whenever you’re in town.



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Click here to view the original Live on 65 featuring Danny Sullivan.