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Webinar: How to Use Customer Intent to Drive Content Strategy

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Webinar_500x300On Dec. 3, Acronym, Conductor and Scotts Miracle-Gro held a webinar titled How to Use Customer Intent to Drive Content Strategy. It provided a detailed road map of how brand marketers are using their understanding of customer intent to drive content strategy and reveal gaps in content at the various stages along the path to purchase.

Moderated by Mike Grehan, Acronym’s Managing Director and Chief Marketing Officer, the webinar featured Ryan Pitcheralle, VP of Acronym’s Digital Center of Excellence; Joe Taylor, Manager of Customer Success at Conductor; and Larissa Livingston, Digital Marketing Manager at Scotts Miracle-Gro.

Scotts Miracle-Gro and other marketers are active proponents of Acronym’s See, Think, Do framework for understanding customer intent. Each day, using the most appropriate content, they engage with their largest addressable audience of potential customers (the See stage), along with those who are actively interested in a product or service (the Think stage) and, finally, the decision-focused crowd (the Do stage).

As Livingston explains in the webinar, for Scotts Miracle-Gro someone in the See stage could be planning a backyard party but not even remotely thinking about grass seed. Thus an effective search content strategy might incorporate the term “Fourth of July party ideas.” Once the party planner realizes that the quality of his lawn could be one component of a successful party, he could easily progress to the Think stage and want to know the difference between cheap and premium grass seed. Choosing the most appropriate seed quality happens in the Do stage.

According to Grehan, far too many marketers are solely focused on the Do stage—presenting content that seeks to create immediate transactions. By ignoring the See and Think stages, these companies are missing opportunities that more savvy competitors embrace with great content.

Among the webinar highlights are detailed graphics that explain:

  • How to develop content based on customer intent
  • How your content should align with user moments and intent stages
  • Matching customer personas to life moments
  • Mapping website pages to moments that matter
  • Mapping content to intent stages
  • Segmenting content pages
  • Setting the right KPI’s

Webinar attendance is free. To watch the presentation click here.



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