Video remains a focus for Instagram and videos in the Reels format drive the most engagement across the platform.

In fact, the HypeAuditor team analyzed 77.6 million Instagram posts throughout July 2022 to measure the engagement trends, based on format. They found that:

  • The most commonly posted type of content on Instagram remains image posts, at 42% of all posts. Carousels came in second, at 26%
  • But look at that ‘Estimated Reach’ bar – Reels, despite being the third most popular post option, are seeing the most reach on the platform, by a notable margin. HypeAuditor measured relative Reach by analyzing the number of people who saw each post, based on public data
  • Reels are also generating a lot more Likes, though image posts still generate more comments, at least based on this sample set

The data consistently shows that Reels are the best current option for maximizing reach and engagement. Despite this, most users are not posting Reels as yet. This could present significant opportunity to get more attention for your Reels content in short-form clips.

Here are a few statistics on Instagram Reels from Meta:

  • The Instagram Reels feature generates 67% more engagement than standard Instagram videos. 
  • 70% of marketers surveyed said they plan to boost their video content on Instagram.
  • Brands receive more engagement on Instagram Reels than on TikTok by 387,000 more likes.
  • 9 out of every 10 Instagram users watch videos each week.
  • Instagram Reels video provides 8% more real estate than TikTok does.

Here are a few expert tips to supercharge your Instagram Reels:

  1. Use a call to action asking viewers to DM you using a keyword.
  2. Ask viewers to mention you in their Instagram Story.
  3. Be sure to use the proper 9:1 dimensions and vertical format.
  4. Unless you really have to, never delete your Instagram Reels.
  5. Run a Giveaway or Contest with Instagram Reels.

If you need assistance leveraging Reels in your social media strategy, please contact us today. We are happy to help.

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