SIMON_290-x-175ROBLO65-1It’s an all Brit line up for this little chat session. Whooshing up the 65th floor is longtime pal, Simon Heseltine. Yes, many people have noticed that this little video “featurette” known as Live On 65, could in fact be AKA “Mike Grehan chats to his pals before tipping out of the Empire State Building into the bar across the street.” Has a certain ring to it!

Fact remains, my guests to date have all made their own mark in the industry, one way or another. Simon followed his heart (make that his girlfriend from University in the UK) all the way to American shores 24 years ago. And far from being arrested for stalking her, they cozied up in Virginia.

Currently Senior Director of Audience Development with AOL, Simon came into the industry via the technical coding side. During the time he’s been working in search and social he’s been on both the agency and client side. A popular speaker, educator and recognized industry expert, he’s built up a solid following in the community.

So, it’s time to play the theme music, get out the orange Acronym coffee mugs and say “welcome to Live On 65, Simon Heseltine!”

Don’t have time to watch the video? Read the transcript here.