Meet Acronym’s Brad Parcella

Account Manager

When did you join Acronym?

I originally joined Acronym in June 2014 through October 2016.  Then, I took a brief hiatus to help an Acronym client, and I just returned to Acronym for my second tour in August 2017.

What is your title at Acronym and which clients do you work for?  

I am an Account Manager and I currently service clients such as Citrix and Iron Mountain.  I also help internally manage Keyword Objects.

What are your specific responsibilities?  

As an Account Manager, in an effort to improve campaign performance and reach goals for our clients, I ensure that tasks/projects continue to move forward seamlessly.  In terms of helping internally manage KO, my role is to create custom reporting dashboards for our clients and create educational material on KO.

What do you consider the most interesting things you do at work?  

Whether it is helping onboard a new employee, teaching optimization tactics to PPC team members, analyzing campaign performance, or guiding a client on how to use KO, I love the education aspect!

What do you like to do best when you are not working?  

I love playing all sorts of sports and games! Currently, my big passions are: Ultimate Frisbee, Baseball, Hockey, Kayaking, Rock Climbing, and ALL Lawn and Board games.

You are going on vacation to a place where there is no Internet connection. What book or magazine would you bring with you?  

Game of Thrones!

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