Meet Acronym’s Jennifer Piasecki

Account Manager


When did you join Acronym?

In May of 2015.

What is your role at Acronym and which clients do you work for?

I am an Account Manager supporting Four Seasons Americas properties.

If you had to cite the most impactful change affecting the PPC business that Google has made over the past 12 months, what would that be?

The shift in mobile has impacted everyone, especially in the last few years. Google’s mobile-friendly requirement has put pressure on businesses to keep up with their consumers and create more user-friendly mobile experiences.  As more consumers are reaching for their mobile phones initially, it is becoming increasingly important for those businesses to be present in any mobile aspect, as well as to provide a seamless experience for those users who shift from mobile to desktop to complete their transactions.

What are the lingering effects of that change and how has Acronym helped its clients adjust to it?

Now businesses must be present for their mobile consumers by creating a mobile site that allows for an easy conversion process.  This shift to mobile has also required marketing dollars to transition as well, but with this comes an understanding that many transactions will now move to phone calls in addition to the mobile site. This creates another layer of tracking that is crucial for understanding performance. Adding call tracking allows our customers to see that transactions that may have previously occurred on a desktop are now occurring during phone calls. Using features such as click-to-call in our paid search ads have given users in the mobile experience easy access to the phone number, as well as a simple way to connect with the business directly. This makes the user experience seamless and simple.

What do you consider the most interesting aspect of digital advertising overall and the current state of search marketing?

I have always loved digital marketing for its fast-paced, constantly changing landscape, and especially for the accuracy of reporting. I particularly enjoy being able to run a campaign and see the effects of it nearly immediately using analytics and conversion tracking. The ability to tell a client exactly what their marketing dollars are achieving is not only reassuring but also rewarding. In addition, the ability to see how changes in the digital landscape are affecting a business and being able to make thoughtful actions from those learnings makes me appreciate the business we are in even more.

What do you like to do best when you are not working?

Trying new restaurants, enjoying all the amazing things the Jersey shore has to offer, and spending precious time with my family, especially my young niece and nephew.