Meet Acronym’s Maureen Anderson

Group Director

When did you join Acronym?IMG_4426400x400acronym

Almost nine years ago, in July of 2006.

What do you do for Acronym and which clients do you work for?

I am a Group Director and I work on Humana and NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital.

If you had to cite the most impactful change affecting the PPC business that Google has made over the past 12 months, what would that be?

The most glaring change for my clients has been the shift to mobile.  With respect to health insurance, there has been a dramatic increase in mobile queries year over year—about 58% on general health insurance terms.

What are the lingering effects of that change and how has Acronym helped its clients adjust to it?

Working on a health insurance client with an audience that heavily favors the phone, click-to-call mobile extensions have been an integral part of our overall strategy and we use bid modifiers to ensure that call extensions show as often as possible.  In addition, we encourage our client to create an optimal mobile conversion experience and are currently working with them to do mobile landing page testing.

What do you consider the most interesting aspect of digital advertising overall and the current state of search marketing?

I think the most interesting aspect of digital advertising is the fact the landscape is continuously changing.  But I think the challenge is that search and display advertising is still primarily regarded as a direct response, transactional vehicle and brand advertising still strongly favors television.

With that said, I think the mindset is changing and that native, paid social and YouTube advertising will become increasingly relevant in the coming years, as these channels are more about creating an experience and generating an emotional response.

At Acronym, we encourage our clients to take a more expansive approach to search and display by formulating an intent-based strategy across the many paths to purchase with the goal of both building brand awareness and ultimately gaining and keeping a customer.

What do you like to do best when you are not working?

I had a baby last year so I don’t really have much free time! But when I’m not spending time with my daughter, I generally like to be outdoors and do things like hiking, biking and playing tennis.  I have also played guitar for most of my life and write my own music.


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