Meet Acronym’s Brian Ratzker

Director, SEO

When did you join Acronym?

I started in February of 2014.

What is your title at Acronym and which clients do you work for?

Director, SEO and I work for Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts and Denihan Hospitality Group.

What are your specific responsibilities?

I develop and execute the SEO strategy for my clients. My workday consists of managing the day-to-day projects and working with my team to analyze and determine the best recommendations for the clients.

 What do you consider the most interesting things you do at work?

SEO is constantly evolving with changes at Google and developing technologies. Staying on top of the changes and determining how my clients should adapt and capitalize on them is definitely the most exciting aspect of what I do.

What do you like to do best when you are not working?

Well, I have two kids, 5 and 6. The real question is what do they like doing. I am a big hockey fan, the Islanders are my favorite team. I also enjoy Fantasy Sports, Football and Hockey.

You are going on vacation to a place where there is no Internet connection. What book or magazine would you bring with you?

I have always liked Wired magazine and I would probably read the Game of Thrones books again because there so much in there I probably didn’t pay attention to the first time around.


The hero image is not attention-grabbing enough. The color and imagery is a bit dull. Could we have something more dynamic? Either something that reads “digital marketing” or a workplace image with people in a creative meeting?