Going (Creatively) Digital

Welcome to ‘Acrobabble’ where we check-in with our team members to see what industry news piece that have made it onto their reading list.

Mary Sutter | Account Manager

Instagram rolls out a “Save Draft” feature to all users

Instagram releases “Save Draft” to a joyous welcome!

New Facebook Ad Options Aimed at Sparking Retailers’ In-Store Sales

Facebook ups it’s game with two new Ad features for retail businesses: dynamic ads that will only feature products that are in stock and a store visit objective.

This week we had a popular theme of articles regarding Google’s messaging app: Allo and its privacy and AI features.

Peter Semetis | Director, PPC

Google backs off on previously announced Allo privacy feature

Israel Barriga | Digital Marketing Director

Watch Out, Siri and Alexa: Google’s New Digital Assistant Is Here

It’s going to be very interesting to see how “voice search” will evolve to a DG tactic.

In the same vein of ‘messaging’ apps, Snapchat is making targeting data available to marketers.

Gregg Manias | Director, PPC

Marketers Are Getting the Snapchat Targeting Data They Want. Will That Scare Off Users?