Going (Creatively) Digital

Welcome to ‘Acrobabble’ where we check-in with our team members to see what industry news piece that have made it onto their reading list.

Mary Sutter | Account Manager

WhatsApp’s new camera features ‘borrow’ from everyone’s favorite lender: Snapchat

Other platforms already include similar features include Instagram, Facebook Messenger and Twitter. Will this slow Snapchat’s growth? Or will people continue to use Snapchat for their “of the moment” posts? Time will tell…

Israel Barriga | Digital Marketing Director

Cross-Device Attribution Still Difficult for Marketers

Cross-device conversions are still headaches to deal with.

Ilya Cherepakhin | Executive Director, Paid Search

Google’s new smartphones are about Google, not Android

Google is capitalizing on its recent AI advances.

Ryan Pitcheralle | VP, Digital Center of Excellence

Google Patents Context Vectors To Improve Search

The patent tells us that a search engine that works well is one that provides a searcher with information in response to a query that is “comparatively close related”. That’s information that is exactly what has been sought, then information that is close to what has been sought and is still useful. It also tells us that what would be “contextually unrewarding” would be information that shares the word in a completely different and useless context related to the query. This is the type of stuff I read when I want to “chase the algorithm”.