Going (Creatively) Digital

Welcome to ‘Acrobabble’ where we check-in with our team members to see what industry news piece that have made it onto their reading list.

Mary Sutter | Account Manager

Indians brilliantly troll Jose Bautista for pregame comments about pitcher ‘shaking in his boots’

MLB playoffs are beyond competitive, especially with as much history making possibilities as the 2016 Postseason has! Feathers are bound to get a bit ruffled (pun intended)! Several Cleveland Indians players brilliantly responded to some “pregame comments” by Jose Bautista of the Toronto Blue Jays by a little humorous Twitter Trolling. Well played.

Janelle Olmer | Digital Analytics Manager

New Adobe Analytics Capabilities Make Powerful Insights More Accessible

Adobe Analytics is releasing a lot of new features into Analysis Workspace today that help bring this UI up to speed with (and sometimes, surpass!) the features that are currently available in the traditional Reports & Analytics interface.  This article goes into detail about some of the more useful elements of the Fall 2016 release that even causal analysts should be excited about!  I easily see how we can use these new features to dive deeper into site performance & user intent questions, to tell a cohesive story about what is going on online.

Jonathan Cho | EVP, Head of Agency Development & Operations

Google Focuses On Mobile-First Indexing, Adds News Fact-Check Tag

After months of talks, Google is finally moving towards mobile-first indexing.

Jaime Nash | Creative Director

Mobile Ads Need an Update. Programmatic Native Could Be the Answer.

I’ve always said, I wish we had a way to measure the negative effects of banner ads in mobile. How many times have you clicked one accidently, and ended up on a new window? I wonder how it affects the brand.

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