Going (Creatively) Digital

Welcome to ‘Acrobabble’ where we check-in with our team members to see what industry news piece that have made it onto their reading list.

Mary Sutter | Account Manager

Social media melts down over dramatic Cubs-Indians World Series finale

World Series finale gives Cubs a social media win, too

Keeping with the theme of baseball from last time, social was the big winner this week as the Cubs won World Series, ending their 108-year drought!

Jonathan Cho | EVP, Head of Agency Development & Operations

Twitter killed Vine but it still sees a ‘$10 billion’ opportunity in video

Despite news that Twitter is sunsetting Vine, they are still focused on increasing its share in what COO Adam Bain forecasts to be upwards of $10 billion.

Dentsu Will Return $2.3 Million in Advertising Overcharges

Dentsu is planning on repaying $2.3 million USD to clients after admitting improper management of funds after an internal investigation.  This all comes at a time when the media industry is under intense scrutiny for media rebates and an overall feeling of insufficient transparency for advertisers.

Jaime Nash | Creative Director

Designing the perfect notification UX

Notifications is needed in order to help us manage our work flow, but also need to not get in the way of our tasks. When it comes to notifications, like many things in the world of digital, usability is key. It needs to be useful, wanted, and unobtrusive.

Simple Methods for Improving UX with Subtle Motion

I believe animation has been over done, especially with flash. Now that flash is over and people are really focusing on user experience as a whole, I truly believe that minimal animation could be extremely helpful where it’s not just the flashy element, but rather a useful interested part of UX.

The hero image is not attention-grabbing enough. The color and imagery is a bit dull. Could we have something more dynamic? Either something that reads “digital marketing” or a workplace image with people in a creative meeting?