Acrobabble – Google IO Edition


Google Lens
Google Assistant can now use Google Lens to interpret your surroundings and show relevant content on your screen. For example, you can point your phone at a flower and it will tell you what kind it is. One of the more useful examples is that you can scan a router label with Wi-Fi login credentials and connect to the network automatically.

Google Assistant App
Expanding from Android to iOS, there will be a Google Assistant app on iPhone and iPad. It will offer similar functions and it is already available in the app store as ‘The Google Assistant.’

Google Photos
A new service lets you create physical albums/photo books with images in your gallery. Google Photos app lets you search for images of particular people, select the best photos, and organize them in an album for purchase. It will also allow you to share your entire photo libraries or limit the sharing to display only photos of certain people. Suggested Sharing will assist in finding the best photos of people and share them using machine learning for facial recognition. In the future, Google Photos will be able to remove unwanted/obstructing aspects of photos

Visual Responses
When asking for assistance from Google Home it will be able to bring up the result on your TV, like if you want to see your calendar. Home doesn’t have a screen, but it will display on other devices with screens: Androids, iPhones, Chromecasts.

Google Home Phone
Google Home will now work as a speaker for hands-free outgoing calls to the United States and Canada. A private number will be used for this feature but you can link it to your mobile number or numbers, as per the multi-user setup. Since Google Home can differentiate between user voices, it will be able to distinguish which user is placing the call.

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