Going (Creatively) Digital

Acrobabble_295x175Foursquare Ups Its Ad Campaign Attribution Game

 Foursquare has a new dashboard for displaying consumer behavior and ad campaign performance metrics from its Attribution Powered by Foursquare technology. It’s part of the social/location discovery platform’s bid for retail marketing budgets, ADWEEK reports.  Foursquare is touting its ability to measure not only ads placed on its platform but those from across the web and mobile apps, and then match those data with actual visits to physical stores. Among the data displayed by the dashboard are
daily visits to stores, incremental visits, lift for a campaign, return on ad spend, incremental revenue number of impressions and number of devices reached.

Contently Delivers New Metrics For Engagement With Downloads

Tracking engagement rates of downloadable content just got a bit easier with the release of Document Analytics from Contently. The new solution adds engagement metrics and predictive recommendations to downloadable content, such as case studies, white papers or sales presentations, to its multichannel content marketing platform, according to a MediaPost story. Available metrics include page-by-page engagement analytics and heat maps displaying where readers click, hover or share content.

Kors Joins Brand Marketers Mining Instagram For Loyalty Program

In an effort to better engage with and reward loyal customers, Michael Kors has found a way around Instagram’s barring of live links within captions in users’ feeds. The luxury retailer has launched InstaKors, in which its Instagram feed is recreated on a web page, pairing its posts with links to product pages for each item pictured in the feed, GLOSSY reports. It’s not the first time a brand has done this, but InstaKors takes things a few steps farther by offering benefits for customers who regularly engage with the brand on Instagram.

What Personalization Means To Walmart’s Continued eCommerce Climb

Former Walmart executive Brian Monahan, who says personalized marketing is what vaulted the retailer past Amazon in e-commerce, believes that consumers are in a “non-linear” funnel now along their often bumpy path to purchase. Monahan, who spent many years as a media executive for Interpublic Group, cites personalization of the customer experience at Walmart’s website and app and personalization of the marketing messages customers receive across various channels as helping to lift Walmart.com to 85 million monthly uniques from 55 million during his tenure. In an interview with Venturebeat, he advocates counsels marketers to bring together CRM and integrating all marketing systems—email, texting, push notification, ad servers, and CMS—to ingest data across all touch points and share it across all systems.

Facebook On Track To Grab More Than Two-Thirds of Global Social Spend

Just how big and powerful is Facebook in raking in social media ad dollars? On a global basis, the platform garners just over two-thirds (67.9%) of dollars spent, trailed by Twitter at a distant third (7.9%) and every other social media platform out there (24.2%), according to eMarketer. The research firm estimates that Facebook will take in $22.37 billion in net ad revenues this year, up from $17.08 billion in 2015. And this is before Facebook monetizes its Messenger app and WhatsApp. Many people in the marketing world are convinced that chat apps and platforms are the next big thing for marketers—if they can figure out how to appropriately encroach on that particular consumer space.


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