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Acrobabble_295x175If Your Brand Doesn’t Get Lots of Instagram Comments, It’s Not Alone

Half of all FORTUNE 500 brand marketers have a presence on Instagram, ClickZ reports, which leads to the question of the day: what percentage of user interaction with those brands consists of comments? Less than 2%. The rest were simple “likes,” according an analysis by TrackMaven of 41,000 unique posts from May 1 of 2015 to May 1, 2016. “By and large, Fortune 500 brands post on Instagram during the East Coast work day,” the analysis says. In fact, 88% of Fortune 500 Instagram photos are posted between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. Eastern Time.


Pinterest Wading Into Image Recognition To Foster E-Commerce, Sell More Ads

Pinterest is hoping that its upcoming image recognition app will boost it from an advertising-supported platform to an e-commerce site. The idea is that with the app, you can point your smartphone’s camera at any object and Pinterest will search its vast online showroom of 75 billion images for a visually similar match, The Wall Street Journal reports. While retailers advertising on Pinterest now sell about 10 million items, the site itself doesn’t currently earn revenue from these transactions. So it hopes to entice retailers to increase their advertising budgets. Pinterest said it is still months away from launch, as it works out kinks and increases the accuracy of results.


How To Target Consumers On Mobile Based On TV Viewing

Multitasking across digital devices is nothing new, but new data from KouponMedia offers insights to marketers who are successfully engaging with consumers by providing offers in television commercials. Among other things, the data show that 78% of consumers admit to using a second device while watching TV and more than 25% indicated that their dual-screen activity is related to what they’re viewing on TV. Coke Zero and other brands have jumped on board, delivering mobile offers during a TV commercial. The report can be downloaded here.


Publicis Doubles Down On Messaging Data With Tencent Partnership

Publicis Groupe may have leapfrogged its agency competitors big time with a sweeping partnership with Chinese Internet behemoth and WeChat owner Tencent, The Drum reports. Tencent owns messaging app WeChat (760 million monthly users) along with digital platform QQ, which has 860 million users. Those two assets alone could give Publicis Groupe a potential audience of 1.6 billion consumers. The agreement is the first-of-its kind collaboration across a global advertising firm and all 11 products of Tencent.


Google’s My Activity Goes Live With User Option For Targeted Ads

Having trouble remembering what videos you watched on YouTube on September 4, 2012? Just sign in to Google’s My Activity and it’s all there, everything you’ve watched, in chronological order. Along with every search you’ve made. Scariness aside, it’s part of Google’s push to catch up a bit with Facebook by putting to work all of the various things it knows about you. DIGIDAY reports that if someone uses an Android phone, Google knows every location users plugged into a map, every venue visited in real life, every search, every voice command, every app opened, every mobile purchase. Basically everything. And it is giving the users the option to say they want super-specific ads customized just for them based on that data.


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