Snapchat will let brands measure its ads’ impact on sales, results against rivals

Snapchat launched a program enabling third-party measurement firms to track ad impact on sales and to include that information in the dashboards used to assess spend.

The marketing mix measurement program will work across all of Snapchat’s ad formats and track campaign return on ad spend and sales lift. That data will help evaluate how campaigns impact businesses’ bottom lines and where they should be spending money.

YouTube using Redirect Method technology to fight terrorist video content in search results
YouTube has rolled out a new search feature based on the Redirect Method technology. When people search certain keywords, YouTube will display a playlist of videos aimed at disproving “violent extremist recruiting” content.

YouTube has struggled to keep terrorist content from plaguing its site, so the goal is to enable people at risk of being radicalized to rethink by providing resources directing them to video content that challenges extremist propaganda. YouTube will expand the functionality to include a wider set of search queries in various languages, and use machine learning to update query terms. There are also plans to expand the Redirect Method tech in Europe.

Google releases details on new beta Search Console reports

Google revealed a preview at two of the new features coming to the new beta Google Search Console. These include an Index Coverage report and AMP fixing flow report.

The Index Coverage report shows the total of indexed pages and information on why pages can’t be indexed. It will also show example pages with problems and tips on resolving them.. According to Google, the report provides “simple sitemap submission flow, and the capability to filter all Index Coverage data to any of the submitted sitemaps.”

The AMP fixing flow report includes AMP Issues report which shows current AMP issues impacting your AMP content in search, grouped by error. Google’s new Search Console interface will aim to provide more actionable insights, better support of organizational workflow, and allow faster feedback loops between you and Google.

Pinterest Puts Search And Lens On The Home Feed

After learning that monthly mobile text searches and visual searches rose, Pinterest revealed plans for increased focus on its Search and Lens features. The features are now available on the home page.

Ads can now be served against searches that originate from the home page. A new search bar at the top of the home page allows visitors to search from the Explore tab. The Lens feature provides visual search instead of text search. Amazon also recently launched Spark, letting people search and find new ideas before going to a brand’s page in the marketplace. Users typically start with a broader search, and then close in on the specific topic. User behavior is changing how Pinterest and other sites offer services.