Facebook lets brands promote publisher & influencer posts as ads

Facebook launched a way for brands to take posts that publishers/influencers create, and tag as branded, and promote them as ads.

Marketers already had the ability to pay and amplify these posts as ads, but brands can now sidestep sharing and promote the original posts as ads. For this new update, brands can use all the standard options to target the ad. Facebook will allow  publishers/influencers to specify which brands can promote their original posts and for brands to specify which publishers/influencers can tag them.

Google adds 30 languages to voice search & makes it possible to use emojis with voice typing
Google added 30 new languages to voice search, including Bengali, Urdu, Swahili, Georgian, and more. Additionally, users in the US can also search for emojis using voice typing.

Labels are coming to Bing Ads & Bing Ads Editor
Bing Ads is launching customizable labels globally over the next couple of weeks. Similar to AdWords, labels can be applied on campaign, ad group, ad, and keyword levels for account management and analysis.

Users can add and edit labels from a new labels menu in the web interface. Support for labels is among several updates to Bing Ads Editor for Windows. Bing Ads says labels support will be coming soon to the Mac version of Editor.

AI Powered Search Engine Aggregates Audio Clips

AI-powered audio content platform, Audioburst, has rolled out a search engine for searchers to find/share audio files aggregated from various sites. The audio clips are categorized and users can search for live and pre-recorded audio segments from radio shows and podcasts.

Each 1-3 minute audio clip in Audioburst’s Content Library is retrievable through its search engine and other major engines such as Google and Bing.


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