Going (Creatively) Digital


Welcome to the newly formatted ‘Acrobabble’ where we check-in with our team members to see what industry news pieces have made it onto their reading list.

Brian Ratzker | Director, SEO

What are impressions, position, and clicks?

Google updated the Search Console Analytics Report documentation. There is more clarity into how impressions, position values and click data are calculated. Everyone was left guessing on how this all worked until this update.


Janelle Olmer | Digital Analytics Manager

How Google Analytics Ruined Marketing

The analytics team got a good laugh from this. I may dislike GA for many reasons, but ruining marketing is not one of them.

Tag Management: It’s Not About the Tags Anymore

I’ve also been re-reading this article every couple of days. Tealium is the Gold Standard of TMS’ right now, but adoption is not super high because it is so expensive. This pretty clearly calls out the benefits of a Data Layer + TMS and why it’s a worthwhile time and financial investment


Peter Semetis | Director, PPC

Facebook Begins Thwarting Ad Blockers

I didn’t know it was possible, to “thwart” ad blockers.  It’s interesting to see Facebook is taking such a strong stance on the issue. Usually, companies will just alert adblock users to “please stop using an ad blocker” or they will just remove their content, like Hulu does. Facebook’s actually creating a workaround for the ads still to show. That’s a bold move.


Mike Grehan | CMO & Managing Director

What’s the Difference Between Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, and Deep Learning?

Don’t know your AI from your ML? There’s a lot of talk about artificial intelligence and machine learning in the digital marketing industry. Find out what’s what – and what’s not!