Meet Jaime Nash

Art Director, Acronym

Q: When did you join Acronym? Jaime-Headshot

A: In May of 2014.

Q: Where were you previously and what was your title?

A: I was an art director at a small software company designing the visuals and interface layouts of tablet applications for use in some of the world’s most prestigious restaurants and hotels.

Q: What were your responsibilities there?

A: After a client was signed, I would hold creative kickoff meetings with the chosen team: project manager, lead developer, graphic designer and the client. After a creative Direction had been nailed down the team and I would put together 3 concepts for client to review. Once the design was approved I would supervise the construction of both front and back end to make sure the design was staying on target. I then would test the application before it went for quality assurance. Finally, the application would be loaded and live and we would move on to the next client project.

Q: What clients did you work with?

A: I worked with many hospitality/restaurant industry clients with applications installed in more than 19 countries. Some of the more notable ones include Gordon Ramsay, MGM Grand, The Wynn, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts and Aria Hotel.

Q: What are your responsibilities at Acronym?

A: I provide creative for a lot of different areas of the business.  As well as providing my expertise to content creation for our publishing platform. Some examples of things I work on daily are landing pages, banner ad campaigns, managing our brand in-house and creating decks to assist our sales team with client pitches. I’m basically a one-stop creative shop.

Q: What do you consider the most challenging and interesting things you do at work?

A: The challenge is going from working on content for sales to snapping into a landing page for a client, to turning around and creating an entire web campaign for another client in a totally different industry. This is what I love about working at Acronym.  Working on completely different projects all the time. It could be a global hospitality client today and a big retail client the next.  It keeps you on your feet and you are constantly learning new things daily. I truly enjoy that challenge.

Q: What do you like to do best when you are not working?  

A: In my spare time I assist my two close friends with their record label. I am also a total audiophile and avid outdoorsman. You can find me digging around Brooklyn with my beautiful fiancé for new vinyl (possibly stopping for drinks along the way) or up in the Pocono Mountains shredding through the woods on my quad.



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