Facebook Begins Retargeting Potential Travelers with Ads Featuring Flight Info

Facebook is now retargeting people with their airfare-promoting ads, Dynamic Ads for Travel for Flights. Airline advertisers and travel booking firms can run the ads on Facebook and Instagram. They can be purchased via Facebook’s self-serve ad-buying tools and Facebook can figure out if a person is looking to travel if the brand selling flight tickets adds Facebook’s tracking pixel to its site.


Snapchat Starts Selling Sponsored Geofilter Ads Through its API as Travel

Snapchat is selling its Sponsored Geofilter ads through its advertising API in the US, UK, Australia, and Canada.  The automation of Sponsored Geofilter ad sales makes a few things easier for advertisers. It’s easier for a brand to pair a Sponsored Geofilter with a Snap Ad in a campaign, easier to manage appearance of Sponsored Geofilters, and easier to track Sponsored Geofilter campaign performance.


LinkedIn Officially Rolling Out Matched Audiences Targeting to All Advertisers

LinkedIn has launched its Matched Audiences program. The program covers the Microsoft-owned, business-centric social network’s spin on ad-targeting options offered by Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc. However, LinkedIn’s ads appear where people are looking to do business. Since LinkedIn will consider the primary and secondary emails attached to profiles — there’s a higher chance that business-to-business marketers will hit their target audience. Matched Audiences includes three types of ad targeting: website retargeting, contact targeting, and account targeting.


Facebook Pixels Get Upgrade to Track Actions & Page Data

An upgrade to Facebook pixel will now capture more information: actions, page structure, and data. The biggest area to focus on is the ability to track actions based on site use, which allows advertisers to gather more data on their site without implementing custom events. The page metadata that will now be passed along includes Opengraph or data included on the page.