Facebook Expands Ad Units In Instant Articles

Facebook has been testing ad units in the related articles section at the end of Instant Articles this year, and is now opening the test to all publisher partners. This test consists of a native ad unit in Instant Articles. Facebook is establishing new features to help publishers form stronger audience relationships using call-to-action units and increase ads monetization.

Google has officially rolled out a new tab-based local panel with quick access to reviews
Google has fully launched a new user experience for the local panel in the mobile search results. Users can now toggle between the local business’s overview details and the reviews. There will now be two buttons, “overview” and “reviews.”

Google confirms it will start blocking ‘annoying’ ads on Chrome next year
Google’s head of ads and commerce, Sridhar Ramaswamy, laid out Google’s plans to support Coalition for Better Ads standards for digital advertising.

Chrome ad blocking: Ramaswamy confirmed Chrome will block ads that don’t meet Google’s ad standards starting in early 2018.

Ad Experience Report: To provide publishers insight into whether ads are being blocked on their sites on Chrome, Google has established a new reporting system. Ad Experience Report will provide screenshots of any ad experiences that the system detects.

Funding Choices beta: Google is running a beta with publishers in North America, UK, Germany, Australia, and New Zealand to serve messages to visitors using ad blockers allowing them to override the ad blocker and view ads or pay to view the site without the ads.

Instagram’s direct-response Story ads are available for self-serve buys

Instagram is now selling ads within people’s Stories feed that can link to a brand’s site or app-install page in the app store. Coinciding with the rollout of swipeable ads in the Stories feed, Instagram now lets advertisers set objectives for these ads, such as viewing a video, visiting a site, or installing an app.

Facebook adds templates for Canvas ads, extends iAd-like format to Collections

Brands buying Canvas ads through Facebook’s Ad Manager, can select from three Canvas templates based on three business objectives. While the templates vary in aims and features, the way they work is the same. Each template has placeholders for brands to add in their own assets.

  1. The “Get New Customers” template that resembles a mobile landing page and can be used to attract new customers.
  2. The “Showcase Your Business” template combines videos and photos into a reel, and can give people a more in-depth look at a particular product or service.
  3. The “Sell Products” template presents a product catalog pulled from the inventory list uploaded to Facebook, and can be used to push product.


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