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As we begin work on your custom audit, let us know if you’d like a demo of some of our proprietary SEO tools such as:

  • KO™ – a patented search engine platform that enables brands to understand and optimize their performance on the engines.
  • Synergy™ – a strategy multiplier product to maximize spend across paid + owned, predicting when to shift budgets to avoid keyword cannibalization and when to capitalize on untapped organic content.
  • Competitive Compass – a brand monitoring software that identifies your true competitive set across channels and guides you to the most effective offensive or defensive strategies.
  • Content Calculator – an easy-to-use content planning tool that estimates SEO content development costs and helps you prioritize which new topics will yield the greatest ROI.
  • Content Discovery Platform – a decision support platform for content strategy that identifies, prioritizes, and forecasts impact of topic dominance, then recommends either Create, Improve, or Promote content strategies.
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