Keywords are complex data sources that yield rich consumer intelligence.

Search marketers have long mined keywords for consumer insight. The advent of secure search in 2014, however, meant Google encrypted search results. That, in turn, hid roughly 90% of organic data and eliminated insights into keyword value. It also hindered:
  • Organic Keyword Conversion and Revenue Attribution
  • Keyword-Specific Content Optimization and Creation
  • And opportunities to integrate PPC Keyword-Level Data with Organic Data

In other words, marketers no longer knew which keywords to target in SEO and which to buy in PPC.

Acronym’s patented Keyword Provided Algorithm (KPA), however, recovers approximately 97% of missing keywords.

This, in turn, maps specific keywords to previously non- attributable revenue and allows clients to compare SEO and PPC conversion rates to evaluate performance and respond accordingly.
KPA also:

  • Assigns keywords to each stage in the buyer journey
  • Helps marketers identify and target new keywords
  • And includes customizable reporting widgets for over a dozen visualization options, segments and filters

Keyword Objects (KO)

KPA is part of Acronym’s web-based enterprise keyword management platform, Keyword Objects (KO), which provides a holistic view of all keywords in SEO and PPC so marketers can determine those with the highest value and save money through efficiencies.

KO also has:
Data Integration: Acronym has partnerships with platforms like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Bing Ads, DoubleClick Search, Adobe Analytics, Adobe Media Optimizer, Moz and more. This means we can integrate data sources and automatically generate reports after aggregating and analyzing every relevant metric.

PPC Auditing: We can automatically audit paid search efforts across coverage, effectiveness and compliance and provide recommendations for: PPC keywords with high SEO visibility and PPC keywords where no presence is found, as well as where to use SEO landing pages instead of PPC landing pages.

24/7 Custom Reporting: Our clients can access custom dashboards anytime. They are also easily syndicated through email.

This results in:
Reduced Expenses: Clients better allocate paid search media
Increased Profits: Clients generate more leads
Expedited Workflows: Clients focus on high value keywords
And Better Data-Driven Decision-Making.

Forrester said of KO:

Specifically, Acronym’s Keyword Objects greatly helped [an] organization optimize search to generate more leads that [resulted] in new profit and sales, [reduced] the cost of generating its current leads from about $300 to about $60 per lead and [leveraged] insights to make better and quicker decisions related to search. The investment in Acronym’s Keyword Objects enabled data-driven search and delivered a 122% ROI.


The latest addition to Acronym’s portfolio, ContentGo, is a platform that utilizes natural language processing (NLP) and predictive analytics to determine customer needs. By coupling data with machine learning, Acronym can understand new audiences that are similar to a client’s best customers.

ContentGo launched in 2017 after repeated questions from clients about what they should write about. Analyzing the competition and aggregating dozens of data sources for contextually relevant patterns is nearly impossible for humans at scale.

Acronym’s technology, however:
Provides automated insights through NLP in a SaaS-based platform, which allows clients to identify themes in the most valuable content, monitor emerging trends and surface content patterns.

Surfaces the content that will provide the greatest return on investment (ROI) through predictive analytics.

And compiles how historical rank change leads to performance changes and applies the model dynamically to estimate future gains.

Keywords are complex data sources, with rich intelligence derived from user interactions with content and links, conversion paths, user locations and preferences, and much more

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