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Adobe Analytics Rockstars: Top Tips and Tricks to optimize your digital assets and gain a competitive edge!

Activity Map Destination

 Understand what is sending traffic to any given page and discover the flow and pathing behind your customers’ user journey.


A numeric gauge to determine how well your site is performing and what happened on each site visit.

Analytics Admin

Valuable tools to save time and improve reporting and data usage.

Who Are We?

About Acronym

At Acronym, we specialize in performance marketing, helping our clients achieve their goals. Whether you’re a mid-range business looking to increase efficiency, or a larger enterprise striving for something more, we bring our expertise and innovation to each project.

With offices in New York City, Toronto, Paris, Berlin and Singapore, our team of over 200 marketing, analytics, and technology professionals deliver integrated digital strategies that capture attention and drive engagement across all touchpoints. We have unique expertise in e-commerce/retail, travel, software/technology, and financial services – giving us the tools to tackle your most complex challenges.

Let Acronym put our experience to work for you – as we create an integrated digital strategy that delivers results and exceeds expectations.


Activity Map Destination

Unlock Greater Insights with Activity Map Destination

Introducing Acronym’s Activity Map Destination, the solution to the common question of where visitors are headed when they click a link. The traditional Activity Map is useful, but it has some limitations. With Destination, analysts can differentiate between identical links to better understand visitor click journeys. Using our new Flow Visualization in Workspace, multi-step flows can be effortlessly built to gain a holistic understanding of link clicks. The implementation code is easily accessible, making detailed path analysis just a click away.


Visitor Scoring

Instantly assess how well your site is meeting its goals with Visitor Scoring, featured at the 2023 Adobe Summit

Get a consolidated view of your website’s performance through Acronym’s Visitor Scoring. This exciting and unique tool delivers a quantified measurement of how effectively your website is achieving its goals. By more thoroughly mapping the user’s behaviors, we can gauge and compare performance, and identify areas that need more attention. Reduce staff costs and increase revenue by helping customers help themselves with this simple, yet powerful metric.


Analytics Administrator's Toolkit

Valuable tools to save time, track down bugs in classification levels, and improve reporting, data integrity and usage.

Get Variable

This tool outputs a print-friendly spreadsheet that shows the names and settings of all of your custom dimensions and metrics (AKA props, eVars, & events). This “variable grid” is an indispensable at-a-glance reference for understanding what you’re tracking — and where.


SAINT classifications are a powerful feature in Adobe Analytics. But sometimes tables can get misaligned across different report suites. This tool makes it easy to track down bugs in classification levels that prevent you from updating SAINT tables across multiple report suites.

IP Rules

Updating a DB VISTA rule for IP addresses can be daunting: Adobe’s required table format is one-of-a-kind and easy to screw up. This tool converts a variety of standard IP lists or ranges into Adobe’s format.

Get Processing

Compare your processing rule setup across multiple report suites to ensure they stay aligned and improve data integrity.

How Can Acronym Analytics Help?


  • Data Integration
  • Tag Management
  • Platform Migration
  • Quality Assurance

Analysis & Enablement

  • Deep Dive Analysis
  • Report Automation
  • Help Desk Support
  • User & Technical Training


  • Opportunity Identification
  • User Experience Testing
  • Personalization Strategy
  • Persona Development


  • Analytics Audits & Tune-Ups
  • Enterprise Process Consulting
  • Vendor/Tool Selection
  • Data Architecture Design
… and Making You Look Smart!

Acronym understands the many different facets of our organization and creates integrated, cross-channel campaigns that deliver results.

SVP, Digital Marketing, Scott’s

Acronym partners with complex organizations to drive best in class performance by tailoring their services to meet unique needs, leveraging data-driven insights and a wide range of digital marketing expertise.

SVP, Global Brand, Digital & Social, PFL

We really challenged Acronym with new objectives and KPIs. Together we got to t a whole new level of clarity and achieved some truly great things. I really appreciate the flexibility and willingness to always push further for, and with, us.

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A Few of the Brands We’ve Empowered

Let’s make your goals a reality.​​