The Acronym leadership team brings together a tightly knit group of experienced media and technology executives with broad experience across industries and verticals.

Anton Konikoff – Founder & Global CEO
Anton KonikoffFounder & Chairman
Dave RolloCEO
Mike Grehan – CMO & Managing Partner
Mike GrehanCMO & Managing Director
Irwin DruckerSVP, Strategic Relationships & Chief Diversity Officer
Kristen Gonzalez – EVP, Global Operations
Kristen GonzalezEVP, Global Operations
Stephanie Hart – VP, Client Development
Stephanie HartEVP & General Manager Analytics
Farah Sadiq – General Manager, Acronym Europe
Farah SadiqEVP & General Manager, International
Jonathan Cho – EVP, Agency Devvelopment
Jonathan ChoEVP, Agency Development
John Peter Spear – EVP Product Development
John Peter SpearEVP, Product Development
Rebecca Kaplan – EVP, Client Services
Rebecca KaplanEVP, Client Services
Gregg Manias – VP, Strategy
Gregg ManiasVP, Strategy
Maureen AndersonVP, Client Services
Norma BerryVP, Travel
Ryan Pitcheralle – VP, Content Strategy, DCOE Lead
Ryan PitcheralleVP, Content Strategy, DCOE Lead
Winston Burton – VP SEO
Winston BurtonVP, SEO
Pearlyn KuaVP, Asia Operations
Janelle OlmerDirector, Digital Analytics
Courtney MorrellExecutive Director, Paid Media
Tara PeitzerExecutive Director, Marketing

Top Trends Impacting Your Business & Acronym News

What do retailers in hardware, jewelry, and eye care have in common? On the surface, not too much. However, when COVID-19 hit, closing brick and mortar locations, business came to a screeching halt. This was a wake up call for all retailers…

Our very own Mike Grehan sits down for a video interview with Google digital marketing evangelist Avinash Kaushik, in which he discusses a new framework for digital marketers.