The Acronym leadership team brings together a tightly knit group of experienced media and technology executives with broad experience across industries and verticals.

Anton Konikoff – Founder & Global CEO
Anton KonikoffFounder & Global CEO
Mike Grehan – CMO & Managing Partner
Mike GrehanCMO & Managing Director
Dave RolloChief Strategy Officer
Irwin DruckerSVP, Strategic Relationships & Chief Diversity Officer
Kristen Gonzalez – EVP, Global Operations
Kristen GonzalezEVP, Global Operations
Stephanie Hart – VP, Client Development
Stephanie HartEVP & General Manager Analytics
Farah Sadiq – General Manager, Acronym Europe
Farah SadiqEVP & General Manager, International
Jonathan Cho – EVP, Agency Devvelopment
Jonathan ChoEVP, Agency Development
John Peter Spear – EVP Product Development
John Peter SpearEVP, Product Development
Rebecca Kaplan – EVP, Client Services
Rebecca KaplanEVP, Client Services
Gregg Manias – VP, Strategy
Gregg ManiasVP, Strategy
Maureen AndersonVP, Client Services
Norma BerryVP, Travel
Ryan Pitcheralle – VP, Content Strategy, DCOE Lead
Ryan PitcheralleVP, Content Strategy, DCOE Lead
Winston Burton – VP SEO
Winston BurtonVP, SEO
Pearlyn KuaVP, Asia Operations
Janelle OlmerDirector, Digital Analytics
Courtney MorrellExecutive Director, Paid Media
Tara PeitzerExecutive Director, Marketing

An interview featuring Mike Grehan

“Google search is the biggest on the planet,” says Mike, “The world’s largest parallelized computing system. Nothing in history has ever existed like this. One of the worries they’ve always had is ‘it’s nice when it’s working, but if it breaks, what…


Our very own Mike Grehan sits down for a video interview with Google digital marketing evangelist Avinash Kaushik, in which he discusses a new framework for digital marketers.