"This agency was tackling search before Google even existed."
-Andrew McMains, Adweek

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Testing & Personalization

Acronym helps organizations at all levels of sophistication start, grow, and improve their conversion rate optimization programs. Landing page testing was one of the first offerings of our nascent analytics team, starting in 2006. Since then we’ve learned a lot—not just about how to execute individual test successfully but how to build on each success … Continue reading “Testing & Personalization”

Analytics Training & User Support

Whether your team has 500 analytics stakeholders or 0.5, we can help you get more value out of your analytics investment: Acronym’s team of web analysts helps organizations turn data into insight and insight into action. While we don’t advise completely handing off your analysis practice to us or any third party, we can be … Continue reading “Analytics Training & User Support”

Analytics Deployment

The foundation of a successful analytics practice is reliable data. But let’s face it: today’s leading analytics tools can be complicated to implement and maintain. And as your analytics practice grows in sophistication and importance to your business, you may find that your tool architecture struggles to keep up with demands. Acronym’s Digital Analytics Engineers … Continue reading “Analytics Deployment”


What is commonly known as search marketing on the world wide web, has expanded beyond the browser into the app economy where a new type of “suggested discovery” will occur based on digital assistant usage and behavior. As the “digital assistant” becomes the “information provider”, the industry will adapt to include content experience analysis across … Continue reading “Discovery”

Paid Media

Search may be at the core of what we do, but over the years we’ve learned so much about the integrated approach to connecting content with consumers from channel-to-channel, touch-point to touch-point. Really, you can’t say search without saying social. In fact, you can’t say search without saying display (particularly when it comes to retargeting). … Continue reading “Paid Media”

Testing & Personalization

You’ve got good data. You’ve sliced it. You’ve diced it. You’ve gut checked it. You know what your site does well, and what needs improvement. You even have a pretty good idea how to fix it. You present it to the brass…and then: “Well, I don’t know…”   The fact is, even those of us … Continue reading “Testing & Personalization”


  Analytics tools alone will not turn over the motor that turns prospects into customers.   Acronym Analytics is a consulting practice that helps people deploy and get maximum value out of their Analytics investments. Since 2006, we’ve been helping global brands implement, utilize, and optimize their digital analytics toolset.   Some of the ways … Continue reading “Analytics”


We built our consulting practice to help you build your ‘Search Center of Excellence’ to provide strategy, governance, education, analytics and technology. We help your teams build and scale a search and discovery framework to impact the entire customer life-cycle. Analyzing online intent gets you inside the minds of your customers. When you know how … Continue reading “Consulting”

Search Technology

  Search marketers have long mined keywords for consumer insight. The advent of secure search in 2014, however, meant Google encrypted search results. That, in turn, hid roughly 90% of organic data and eliminated insights into keyword value. It also hindered: Organic Keyword Conversion and Revenue Attribution Keyword-Specific Content Optimization and Creation And opportunities to … Continue reading “Search Technology”

Paid Search (PPC)

Look at your shoes. Each morning you think nothing of putting them on the correct feet and tying them up independently. It’s a simple, daily task; a necessity for anyone interested in walking in public (except surfers). Now think about the reports you need to run to understand your search campaign performance – compiling data … Continue reading “Paid Search (PPC)”

Watch Live on 65

Our very own Mike Grehan sits down for a video interview with Google digital marketing evangelist Avinash Kaushik, in which he discusses a new framework for digital marketers.