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Catering to businesses of all sizes and industries, our tailored solutions merge state-of-the-art eCommerce strategies with impactful retail media campaigns to transform your digital advertising experience and propel your business forward.

Your Digital Marketing Partner

Empower your brand to stand out, drive sales, and maximize advertising ROI by leveraging Acronym’s unparalleled expertise. With decades of success working with the world’s top brands, Acronym has the expertise and track record to take your business to the next level.

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Personalized and Precise Programs That Connect and Convert

Experience the synergy of precision targeting, effective ad placements, and real-time performance analysis with Acronym’s advanced measurement services, and watch your retail media campaigns soar to new heights. We help CPG brands harness the power of advanced measurement to unlock unprecedented growth in retail media. Our cutting-edge analytics tools provide actionable insights, enabling you to optimize campaigns and drive performance across all channels. By meticulously tracking and evaluating key performance indicators, we empower you to make data-driven decisions that fuel your brand’s success.

Unleash the Power of Digital Marketing

At Acronym, we understand the digital landscape is complex. That’s why we deliver a comprehensive and integrated approach to digital marketing.

As a performance marketing agency, we believe the numbers matter:


Increase in overall YoY revenue

– Bath & Body Works (US)


Exceeded expectation of annual revenue target

– Scott’s


Increase in revenue in the first 30 days



Ingesting keywords and rank data at scale, daily

– Bath & Body Works (US)

Optimize Every Step of the Journey

Acronym’s team of experienced retail marketers work seamlessly to integrate your digital channels for consistent and compelling messaging throughout the customer journey. With offices in New York City, Toronto, Berlin, Paris, London, and Singapore, we can serve global Clients, locally. We leverage neuromarketing to understand the subconscious motivations behind purchase decisions by identifying, engaging, and acquiring customers across all digital channels. The constantly evolving algorithms and changing consumer behaviors make it essential to put the audience – not the channel – at the forefront of your strategy.


Agility to Assess and Adjust Quickly

You need an agency with the agility to shift and move with your customer’s changing behaviors and purchase options, ensuring you get the right impact for every dollar you spend. Whether increasing website traffic, improving your search rankings, boosting sales, or maximizing your return on investment, Acronym has track record to achieve your business goals.


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Acronym is proud to be an NGLCC-certified LGBTBE.

Acronym is proud to be an NGLCC-certified LGBTBE.