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Our team of strategists and SEO specialists delivered a plan that led to impressive results while ensuring the new brand's digital presence remained robust.





Jasper and Acronym's strategic partnership demonstrates how businesses can overcome digital challenges while ensuring business continuity and growth during significant transitions.


The Story

Jasper is an innovative AI content platform that helps creators and companies of all types expand their creative potential. With over 105,000 active customers, Jasper has become an industry leader in overcoming writer's block, repurposing content, creating original art, and adjusting writing for language and tone.


The Challenge

Jasper, a Fortune 500 Software as a Service (SaaS) company was experiencing rapid growth, but this led to an unexpected challenge.

Due to legal reasons, they needed to change their proprietary brand name. This imposed a high risk to their brand presence online with the potential for significant loss of backlink equity and overall site authority.

They needed a solution to address not losing traction with their existing digital footprint, while still maintaining growth.


The Solution

Enter Acronym, with a plan to help Jasper tackle rebranding without losing crucial ground on their established web presence.

While permission to maintain redirection of the original domain was still under legal negotiation, Acronym mitigated subsequent negative impacts by prioritizing the preservation of existing link equity and referral traffic. Our overarching objective was to maintain continuity of revenue generation and facilitate incremental growth amid rebranding and launch of new products. To prevent the impending loss of links, URL updates needed to be executed at a large-scale as quickly as possible.

The team of experts dug in and analyzed the site’s backlink profile to identify links and prioritize them by impact, accounting for organic KPIs like referring URL ratings, traffic, domain authority and more, to allocate resources accordingly and gain the greatest impact.

Collaborating with the client, Acronym established an outreach campaign strategy that targeted high-value, authoritative backlink sources, and involved reaching out to their respective webmasters, copywriters, and strategists.

This proactive approach took place prior to the successful launch of two new SaaS product offerings and a Series A funding round where the client was able to raise 125M at a 1.5B valuation. Domain Authority was observed to have increased from 73 to 78 on the new domain post-campaign and organic visibility was not negatively affected due to the domain change.

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