"This agency was tackling search before Google even existed."
-Andrew McMains, Adweek

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Testing & Personalization

Acronym helps organizations at all levels of sophistication start, grow, and improve their conversion rate optimization programs. Landing page testing was one of the first offerings of our nascent analytics team, starting in 2006. Since then we’ve learned a lot—not just about how to execute individual test successfully but how to build on each success and nurture corporate cultures that spend less time arguing internally and more time listening to their customers. As user experience practices usually involve a wider variety of stakeholders than analytics practices, and are often idiosyncratic to each organization, we emphatically invite you to contact us to discuss how we might be able to help with your specific needs.

Top Trends Impacting Your Business & Acronym News

How to Staff Your Analytics Team

By David Sprinkle Since the demand for analytics professionals outweighs the supply, this column outlines which roles are best kept in-house and which ones you should outsource. If you’ve ever had to hire people for your web analytics team, you’ve probably noticed it is far easier said than done. The fact is, in today’s market … Continue reading “How to Staff Your Analytics Team”