Simple tasks should be simple.

Look at your shoes. Each morning you think nothing of putting them on the correct feet and tying them up independently. It’s a simple, daily task; a necessity for anyone interested in walking in public (except surfers).

Now think about the reports you need to run to understand your search campaign performance – compiling data from analytics platforms, bid management tools, ranking engines, competitor sites, CRMs, and who knows how many special in-house technology platforms. You do it all the time. Shouldn’t it be pretty simple by now? It could be.

As the scale and complexity of search marketing grows, so does the demands on search marketers. Not only do they now need to analyze large amounts of multidimensional data, but also share raw and filtered intelligence with multiple sets of stakeholders across the enterprise. We’ve seen up-close how so much valuable data is unavailable for optimization due to disconnects in data integration and lack of resources. Keyword Objects™ (KO) democratizes keyword data and provides a platform for business owners to have a stake in the outcome by making data analysis easily available. Now everyone can become a keyword marketer.

Our Keyword Objects™ technology integrates bid management data, web analytics and virtually any data source. This gives us the unique ability to make thousands of optimization decisions within seconds and introduce a genuinely different testing strategy and way of handling large volumes of PPC data.

Our Paid Search Approach:

  • Human-focused approach to bid management tools which can assist but not replace professional insights
  • Detailed testing plan to ensure ongoing improvements in results and continued insights for sharing across the organization
  • Context sensitive ads with cross-channel and device targeting, integrating social paid and digital media strategies alongside PPC
  • Detailed keyword research practices that use data culled from sources beyond search-based volume tools

Acronym makes paid search work smarter because our technology lets us better understand intent and “hear” consumers more clearly.

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