Panda. Penguin. Hummingbird. RankBrain. Fred.

These are just a few of the algorithm updates SEOs have seen over the years, reflecting an evolution in search to mobile, voice and AI.

That means a managed keyword approach to SEO is not nearly enough anymore.

“A search agency that just does search is like a blacksmith in this day and age.”
– Chief Marketing Officer Mike Grehan

That’s not to say SEO isn’t a key marketing channel, but rather it’s no longer keywords alone that connect brands to customers. Instead, it’s the integration of data to personalize ads, targeting and messaging and better inform all channels.

Our strategy is simple: When you win search, you win digital. Analyzing online intent gets you inside the minds of customers. When you know how to mine data to truly understand their behavior, search opens opportunities to win customers with new strategies for your content.

Look no further than our award-winning work for Scotts Miracle-Gro.

Acronym helped Miracle-Gro better target voice queries by identifying terms that were more likely to come from voice searches and by zeroing in on Google’s featured snippet and Answer Box. As a result, we increased the number of optimized pages that earned Answer Box placements and increased Buy Now conversions, thus proving our formula is effective – and getting into the Answer Box is no accident.

“Brands need to develop a positive content experience across all devices and platforms in all stages of the user journey to be visible in modern-day SERPs. SEO is all about building high- quality content that users can consume that is useful in their moment of need.”
– Vice President of SEO Winston Burton

Acronym has pioneered intent-based SEO solutions that find opportunity where others just see data, find customers where others just find keywords.

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