Optimizing for Diversity

When potential new customers are searching at Google for new vendors and suppliers, and diversity in the organization is a major consideration – make sure you can be found!

You did the right thing and you should be very proud of it. You created a strategic diversity and inclusion program. All elements of diversity are important, and you now meet required governance and reporting standards. And this is having a major impact across the organization, from attracting new talent to developing new capabilities and adaptive cultural contexts.

But if you haven’t optimized your web site for all that good stuff, you’re losing business to competitors who have. At Acronym, we’re pioneers in search engine optimization and pay per click advertising (along with a broad range of digital marketing services and technology). We’re also proud members of NGLCC and search agency partner.

So, we’ve pulled together a very practical and handy guide to optimizing your web site to be indexed for all the relevant keywords and phrases. The guide also explains image and video optimization as well as tips on Google My Business and Google Product Listing Ads.

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