Your Search Marketing Agency Partner Is Only As Good As Your RFP

(And many miss the mark)

Reports of search marketing agencies’ demise have been greatly exaggerated. Most firms are still planning to have a balanced mix of in-house and outsourced, or plan to increase their outsourced search marketing capabilities in the future. This means it’s more important than ever that firms choose the right agency partners, ones that can inject fresh thinking into search marketing.

There’s just one problem — firms are having difficulty finding those partners, because they aren’t asking the right questions. Requests for proposal (RFPs) for search agencies often focus too much on table stakes capabilities, underestimate the importance of agency culture, and are run by two groups, marketers and procurement, with different priorities. The result? A watered-down assessment that leaves ambiguous choices and too often asks “What?” instead of “Why?”

To fix this, marketers must assert themselves in the RFP process and make sure they’re asking about differentiating capabilities and vetting partners on a communication style and culture that will lead to a successful partnership.

Download this illuminating Forrester report commissioned by Acronym to help marketers and procurement officers to make the best choice when choosing a search marketing partner.

Forrester RFP Report