Inside Acronym – May 21, 2015

Meet Acronym’s Peter Semetis Director, PPC   When did you join Acronym? In the autumn of 2010. What do you do for Acronym and which clients do you work for? I’m a PPC director on the Travel [...]

How to Win With Google and Bing

By Winston Burton In the SEO industry, we always focus on 800-pound gorilla Google because of its dominantmarket share yet we rarely focus much attention on Bing. Bing owns 27.5% of Search Engine [...]

Inside Acronym – May 7, 2015

Meet Acronym’s Janelle Olmer Digital Analytics Strategist   When did you join Acronym? I came to Acronym at the beginning of this year.  And oh, what a year it has been! Where were you [...]

Five Deadly SEO Replatform Sins

By Winston Burton There comes a time when every company needs to look at its current technology platform to make sure it is cost-effective, productive, adapts with new technology, is scalable and [...]

Lessons From a Recent Analysis

By David Sprinkle A recent client analysis taught columnist David Sprinkle that marketers must trust the data, not necessarily their instincts! I’ve done a bunch of pretty technical posts in the [...]